Amercanex and Moneta Royalty Announce Joint Venture

Denver, Colorado – November 12, 2018 – Green Tree International, parent company of Amercanex, today announced the creation of a joint venture with Moneta Royalty Corporation. The partnership will create an electronic marketplace for oil and gas royalties in Western Canada.

The new offering will automate the way royalties are transacted, increasing both transparency and efficiency for energy companies. The new marketplace will create a single point to administer, buy, and sell oil and gas royalties for the industry, which does not currently have a central registry.

“This is a game changer for the industry,” says Rex Kary, Moneta Royalty CEO. “Our new software will create a highly visible, accessible and open marketplace for our colleagues in the oil and gas royalty business.”

Moneta Royalty will utilize the technology capabilities of ACExchange, Amercanex’s electronic trading platform. ACExchange memorializes all transactions and provides access free of charge to authorized governmental, regulatory and law enforcement agencies through a private secure proprietary online application.

“We’re extremely excited to see ACExchange utilized in such a major global industry,” says Steve Janjic, Amercanex CEO. “This joint venture has created a new area of growth for our software platform. We’ll be employing its capabilities in a different sector than it’s been previously used and greatly diversifying our offerings.”

“Amercanex has the disruptive technology, security and flexibility we’ve been looking for,” says Dennis Eisner, Moneta Vice President, Land. “They have explored and developed emerging technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, which will make it much easier for companies to conduct business efficiently.”

The joint venture is expected to launch in Q2 of 2019.

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