Amercanex Announces Plans to Integrate Blockchain Technology

Denver, Colorado – November 14, 2017 – Green Tree International, parent company of Amercanex, announced the company will be introducing block chain technology to their software platforms ACExchange, ACEpay and ACEtrak. The move will increase the speed, efficiency and security of Amercanex’s comprehensive suite of technology solutions.

Blockchain technology allows users to conduct online transactions in a secure manner. These decentralized and distributed digital ledgers are used to record transactions across a number of nodes, ensuring the record cannot be retroactively altered without changing the subsequent blocks and network as well.

“The move to blockchain technology offers Amercanex a number of advantages,” says CEO Steve Janjic. “Blockchain offers various usages that will allow us to become part of other solutions and conduct cutting-edge transactions between two parties, reducing operating costs and errors while enhancing productivity and transparency.”

The potential market and applications for blockchain technology continue to grow as additional uses for it are found. Amercanex plans to integrate the open distributed ledger system in the coming year.

“Blockchain is the world’s most innovative technology solution for securing transactions on a global basis,” says Robert Mercorella, Amercanex Chief Operating Officer. “We’re excited to see the many ways we can leverage its capabilities across our software and technology platforms.”

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