Revolutionary cash and management system

ACEpay, powered by Vertepay, is a revolutionary e-wallet solution built to meet the financial needs of the cannabis and financial industries.

ACEpay also allows Amercanex members to deposit cash and pay their bills, payroll and taxes on time and in compliance with banking regulations. ACEpay funds are fully secured and insured, giving users peace of mind while conducting business.

In addition to traditional e-wallet solutions, our game changing cashless solution offers users a pre-paid Visa or MasterCard linked to their ACEpay account. They can use the card anywhere major credit cards are accepted, granting both dispensaries and consumers the ability to conduct business safely and efficiently.

With ACEpay, you can:

  • Withdraw or load money from your bank account
  • Send and receive money from friends, merchants and clients
  • Shop online
  • Store funds securely


ACEpay funds are fully secured, insured and held at top tier banks and financial institutions, giving participants comprehensive access to ancillary financial services from many other third parties.

How Does ACEpay Work?

To setup direct deposit service, provide your account and routing numbers to your employer or payroll company and given the flexibility to load all or part of each paycheck into the account.

Your designated paycheck deposits can be loaded to your ACEpay e-wallet account automatically each pay period. Your funds will be instantly available to you once they’ve been received.

Stay Safe While You Shop

ACEpay connects directly to your bank account, giving you a safe and secure way to store and transfer funds. It protects all of your transactions with Level I PCI compliance, SHA-256 encryption and a Fraud Monitoring System.

In the unlikely case that your card is stolen, you can easily disable it from your ACEpay e-wallet account. Our system was created to reduce risk for both the consumer and merchant.

No longer does the dispensary, cultivator or manufacturer need cash to conduct business, as ACEpay helps to eliminate the security risks associated with a cash-only business. This comprehensive financial compliance solution is currently used in 4,000 financial service installations across the country.

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