Data Streams

The data streams derived from transactions on ACExchange can be licensed to more than 750 global brokers and banks on the MetaTrader platform. There are three initial streams being created: Indica, Sativa and Hybrid. Each of these data streams reflects the three separate cannabis strain categories from which all cannabis is classified.

MetaQuotes Software Corporation

MetaQuotes Software Corporation is the developer of the MetaTrader Platforms electronic trading platform. This platform is widely used by retail foreign exchange speculative traders, offering the ability to monetize transaction data into data streams and warehouse data

MetaTrader (MT4 & MT5)

MetaTrader is an online trading platform designed to provide brokerage services to customers in Forex, Contracts for Difference (CFD) and the futures markets. The MT4 and MT5 platforms currently have over 7 million users worldwide; including 10,000 authorized program developers operating on mobile platforms such as iOS and Android.

Amercanex’s multi-tiered marketing plan consists of an expansive social media campaign, key industry strategic partnerships, sales and account service representative relationships with prospective transacting members, and continued national media coverage and industry lobbyist campaigns.

In addition, Amercanex’s regular industry event sponsorship and key speaking engagements at national industry conferences such as the Marijuana Business Expos and NCIA Conventions have successfully translated into the relationships described above.

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